Blackout Packages

Chrome delete/blackout packages are available to those looking to reduce the obnoxious amount of chrome panels and trims on their vehicle. Since 2017 we have been producing DIY kits for badges, dechrome kits, accent overlays and more. However there are some jobs where a DIY kit cannot be made due to the complexity of the piece on the vehicle, or where customers would rather have a professional tackle the installation. We can provide custom quotes to customers based on the areas of the car they wish to blackout and offer advice on whether vinyl wrapping is the best option, can be done or if they will need to sort out an aftermarket part or have the area painted.

Common areas where vinyl blackout kits can be installed include; grille, lips, diffusers, handles, badges, window trims, mirror caps etc.  Aside from the aesthetic enhancement that de-chromes offer, it can be a great way to protect areas of the car that may be susceptible to scratches or wear and tear. 

Window trim blackout
Volkswagen badge blackout
Grille blackout
Fender blade blackout
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Other Services

Vinyl Overlay Installation

While our overlays are designed as DIY kits we understand that some customers prefer to have a professional tackle the installation. We now offer bookings for installation of our vinyl overlays. Simply request a booking time via our contact form below.

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