Light Tinting

Looking to enhance your OEM headlight or tail light? Or perhaps to protect it from road debris and sun exposure. Our team provides high quality light tinting services resulting in an impeccable finish. We use only the best tint film HEXSLIGHTS2 by Hexis Australia designed specifically for headlight and taillight tinting. You can rest assured knowing that this tint will withstand the test of time while also acting as a protective barrier. Tinting starts from an affordable $200.00 for a set of lights, however custom packages can be supplied when getting in touch! 

Worried about the legality of it? We will make sure your headlight or taillight tint falls within the legal limits here in Sydney. We ensure that the beam of the headlight stays white or yellow and the tail light remains red, but using a low percentage tint, that darkens the area when the light is not on, but does not cover more than 15% of the headlight ray!

Other Services

Vinyl Overlay Installation

While our overlays are designed as DIY kits we understand that some customers prefer to have a professional tackle the installation. We now offer bookings for installation of our vinyl overlays. Simply request a booking time via our contact form below.

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