Volkswagen Golf MK7/7.5 Steering Wheel Badge Inlays/Badge Overlay


  • Made of automotive grade vinyl.
  • Installation level rating (1-5) 1 = Easy.
  • This is not a replacement black badge. It changes the colour of the chrome and inside of the steering wheel badge with vinyl.

Earn up to 15 Points.

Our Volkswagen Golf MK7/7.5 Steering Wheel Badge Inlay/Badge Overlay is a vinyl product that provides an easy way to alter the steering wheel badge. Available in a range of finishes, find the best fit for your car.

Helpful Notes:

  • This product is applied in two pieces, the overlay which comes in gloss black and the inlay in the colour you select.

Manufacture Details:

  • Designed by 21 Overlays and made in Australia using the highest quality 3M or equivalent automotive grade vinyl depending on stock availability.
  • Cut to size with a laser printer.
  • Very easy to install, with detailed installation instructions via QR code on “Thank You Card Provided”.

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