Volkswagen Polo MK5 Badge Overlay (Front, Rear or Both)


  • Made of automotive grade vinyl.
  • Installation level rating (1-5) 2 = Moderate.
  • This is not a replacement black badge. It is a vinyl overlay that covers majority of the chrome.

Earn up to 25 Points.

Our Volkswagen Polo Mk 5 Badge Overlay is a vinyl overlay kit that provides an easy way to alter the look of your standard front and rear VW badge. Offering a variety of colour variations to choose from to best suit your desired look.

Helpful Notes:
  • The badge overlay is directly placed over the chrome rear badge changing the appearance of the badge to the colour selected however you will still be able to slightly see chrome on the side angled parts of the badge as shown in the images.
  • This is NOT a plastic replacement badge, it is a vinyl sticker overlay.
  • Note: Photos are shown on a VW Golf but the product is sized and made for a Polo Mk 5.
Manufacture Details:
  • Designed by 21 Overlays and made in Australia using the highest quality 3M or equivalent automotive grade vinyl depending on stock availability.
  • Cut to size with a laser printer.
  • Very easy to install, with detailed installation instructions via QR code on “Thank You Card Provided”.

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