Vehicle Wraps

We offer high quality vinyl wrapping services for all vehicles big or small. If you are wanting to protect your paint from harsh external factors or are simply after a colour change we have you covered. Vehicle wraps also offer you the greatest flexibility with the option to reverse the wrap in the future and return to your original paint colour. Contact us for a quote, colour enquiries or any other questions you may have.


We offer an unlimited range of colour options from the highest quality brands including 3M, Hexis Graphics, Inozetek and Teckwrap Australia to complete our vehicle wraps. If we cannot source the colour we are after from our local partners we would endeavour to source this from other suppliers. This gives our customers the confidence that the product will stand the test of time while looking exceptional as well.


Prices for s full vehicle wrap can vary depending on the colour film selected, size of vehicle or the complexity of the vehicle. 

Small car (Hatch/Sedan) from $3,900. 

Medium Sedan from $4,500

Large Sedan/4×4 from $5,300


All our vehicle wraps come with 2 years warranty providing our clients confidence in their choice to wrap with us! If any installer or product related issues arise during this timeframe they will be covered with no additional costs.

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Our Process



The team will first collect some preliminary details including; the vehicle make and model, size etc. If you have selected a colour from one of our partner suppliers, the team will be able to issue your quote, if you need a special colour that requires ordering from overseas etc, the team will come back to you with your quote. If all is okay, the team can book you in for the wrap service.


On the day of installation, the team will do a thorough walkthrough of the car to identify any existing damage, where photos will be taken for record. The customer will sign off paperwork, to ensure both parties are aware of any pre-existing damage. We will then disassemble parts of the vehicle that need to be removed to seamlessly wrap the areas and achieve a high quality finish. This may include, door handles, mirrors, lights, bumper.

Quality Check

Once the wrap is completed, a quality check will be carried out by 2 or more team members to ensure that the wrap is flawless and up to standard.


Finally you will be contacted to come and collect your car! Leaving our workshop you will be provided with a 2 year warranty guarantee that safeguards you if the vinyl lifts, bubbles or peels due to installer/film error, we will replace the area free of charge.

Other Services

Vinyl Overlay Installation

While our overlays are designed as DIY kits we understand that some customers prefer to have a professional tackle the installation. We now offer bookings for installation of our vinyl overlays in Sydney. Simply request a booking time via our contact form below.

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